Ignite Gourmet Diner


Brand Identity, Web


Ignite Gourmet Diner, a fictional restaurant located in the Fraser Valley


Young adults (18-35)

Heavy social media users

Casual fine-diners


Creating a different type of fine-dining experience, differentiating the restaurant from a saturated market.

Utilizing bright colours while still communicating quality.

Process & Insights

Red and yellow are frequently used in fast food branding, yellow because it is energizing and mood-boosting, and red because it stimulates appetite. Most fine-dining establishments are dimly lit, which is limiting to users of social media (poor lighting for selfies, photos of your meal)


Ignite makes use of bright colours commonly seen in fast food dining, but the colours are more muted in tone for a kitschy, retro vibe. The monoline logo is reminiscent of the diner style. The restaurant is bright and vibrant, with fun patterns utilized throughout, and well-lit to encourage patrons to take photos and share their experiences. A mobile-friendly website enables customers to make reservations, view an event schedule, and place their orders online.