Mix Organics Packaging Design


Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Mix Organics, a fictional US-based skincare company


Young adults (18-35)

Predominantly female

Boutique/novelty shoppers


Branding and collateral must be lighthearted, fun, inviting.

Avoiding heavy use alcohol-related themes to appeal to a broader audience and focus on the benefits of the skincare.

Applying the design solution to a wide variety of packaging sizes, shapes and materials.

Process & Insights

Researching potential products sparked an interest in the ingredients themselves, the benefits of those ingredients to the user, and the practice of combining those ingredients to create a well-balanced and effective tonic for the skin. This inspired the use of cocktails as the product namesakes, and steered the direction of the branding and packaging concepts.


Illustrating the ingredients removes the focus on alcohol and steers the brand into a more  friendly space. Naïve illustration style feels youthful and fun. Bold use of colour and white space aid in shelf presence, and a black bar around the product containers creates an effective design system across a variety of container shapes/sizes.