Still Not Asking For It

Tattoo Charity Event


Brand Identity, UX


Still Not Asking For it, an annual event held at tattoo shops across the continent, benefitting local initiatives for the survivors of sexual assault and abuse

(this is a self-directed student project)


Tattoo artists and collectors

Socially-minded youth

Assault and abuse victims seeking to “take their body back”


Communicating strength and empowerment without seeming confrontational or accusatory.

Making a niche charity event feel more inviting to the general public.

Creating an effective UX solution to enable the audience to learn more, find participating artists, purchase a design and book an appointment.


A rose, a classic icon of traditional tattooing, is used in the brand’s logo, symbolizing the perceived “fragility” of the victims of violent crimes, juxtaposed with an empowering “rebel fist.” This communicates the sense of empowerment and self-discovery that a victim experiences as she or he begins to “take their body back.” The app design is simple, easy to navigate, and enables clients to view flash and book their appointments, in advance of the event. A simple login landing page provides a brief overview of what SNAFI is, who it benefits, and how they can help contribute.